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Green Street Infrared is a veteran owned & operated, Virginia licensed contractor located in Fredericksburg Virginia - providing infrared asphalt repair service to all of Virginia.

We specialize in asphalt repair using the latest infrared technology.

Infrared paving repair is a seamless, thermally bonded asphalt restoration.  That means no cracks at the repair joint, which also means water will not penetrate and ruin the repaired surface.

Infrared paving takes a fraction of the time to repair damaged asphalt surfaces compared to traditional paving techniques.  Infrared paving isn't just a patch, it is a seamless and thermally bonded restoration.

A typical 5' X 7' repair takes less than thirty minutes to complete, including preparation and clean up.  
  • Pot Holes
  • Utility Cuts
  • Trench Repairs
  • Depressions
  • Joint Repairs
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Green Street Pot Hole Repair Process

The uses and advantages of the infrared repair process

Infrared asphalt restoration has been used for over 30 years.  Infrared technology is an enormous improvement in asphalt repair.  Traditional repairs leave seams that allow water to penetrate the repair and the repaired/filled-in portions nearly always fail within a year or so.  Infrared technology blends the new asphalt right in with the original by heating an area 6-8 inches beyond the perimeter of the repair.  The new asphalt is then compacted with the old creating a seamless permanent restoration.  Infrared cuts costs for repairs.  An average "traditional" 5-foot square repair requires four to five personnel and at least a day to repair; the same repair can be made with infrared using two  people in about 20 minutes.  This makes an enormous difference to clients when roadway traffic or business parking is blocked.

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Roads in desperate need of repair have been a problem for city officials in Opelousas for decades.
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