Infrared FAQ

What is the advantages of infrared repair?

  • COST-EFFECTIVE & Quick Repair : One truck and small crew can repair one pothole within 20-30 minutes.
  • Provides THERMAL BOND : By heating and rolling the old asphalt with the new asphalt, Green Street Infrared eliminates seams prevents water from leaking into repair which is the leading cause of repair breakdown.
  • Longer Lasting : A hot patch or cold patch easily breaks down within months of application and a saw/cut repair can allow water to penetrate repair area leading to breakdowns.  Infrared repairs create a thermal bond preventing water penetration and provide a long lasting durable repair.
  • Seamless Repair : Forget about a bumpy repair caused by a hot or cold patch and don't worry about seam caused by saw/cut repair.  Green Street Infrared uses infrared technology to heat a problem area and provide a thermal bond between the old and new asphalt.  The only difference customers see is the new asphalt contrast against the old asphalt.
  • RECYCLE existing asphalt - Since only the problem area of asphalt is removed, Green Street Infrared is more environmental friendly by reusing the existing asphalt and applying new asphalt to create a long lasting, quality repair.

Is infrared restoration expensive?

  • Green Street Infrared is a self contained truck that has a hot box to provide fresh asphalt, and an infrared heater to heat the damaged area.  It only takes 2 workers approximately 20-30 minutes to repair a damaged asphalt area.  Compared to the cost of using the traditional saw & cut method (more workers, longer repair time) or a hot patch (new asphalt is stamped into hole but usually breaks apart within months ), Green Street Infrared provides the longest lasting most cost effective solution.

Why use infrared technology?

  • The infrared rays penetrate the asphalt and heats the asphalt from the bottom to the top.  Heating from the bottom to the top prevents the top asphalt from burning before all of the asphalt is hot enough to rake.