Infrared Solutions For Property Managers

Green Street Infrared understands the variety of challenges that property managers face every day. Repaving an entire parking lot to repair an unsightly problem area may not be the most cost effective solution. Green Street Infrared can patch a problem area with a smooth, seamless repair that will last for years. Hot and cold patches temporarily fill potholes but they can break apart in a few months and snow plows ruin the patch if it is not properly rolled. Green Street Infrared repairs provide a professional look and property managers won't need to worry about returning to fix problem areas.

Below are examples of problem areas that Green Street Infrared can correct and provide long lasting repairs to enhance a property's appearance.

This is an area that originally had the hole filled with a cold patch of asphalt. The pothole soon spread out from the original patch since the underlying problem was not addressed by the cold patch. Water likely leaked into the repair area causing the pothole to spread. Green Street Infrared removes the problem asphalt and replaces it with fresh asphalt. Since the repair area is heated and we form a thermal bond between the existing and new asphalt, water will not leak into the repair area and the original pothole will not cause future problems - unlike the cold patch solution seen below!

Below is an example of a saw and cut repair that may have future problems. Water is collecting around the repair cut so when the colder weather hits and the water freezes and thaws around the cut, the repair can break down. Green Street Infrared heats the repair area, leaving part of the heated repair area untouched. When the new asphalt is rolled, a thermal bond is formed between the new and existing asphalt. Since this does not leave a seam, customers will not worry about water leaking into the repair area leading to erosion and failure of the repair.

Whoops! Looks like someone got new asphalt but didn't blend the new asphalt with existing asphalt properly. Snow plows are going to hit the new asphalt with the plow and ruin the area. Green Street Infrared can smooth the transition and prevent future asphalt problems.