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Green Street Pot Hole Repair Process

Green Street Pot Hole Repair Process

Green Street Infrared recently did a project in New Hampshire at various parking lots.  The pictures here outline the process from start to finish so you can see how easily and quickly Green Street Infrared can repair your parking lot.

Description of the infrared repair process :

  • Upon arrival at the site the area is swept clear of debris and loose asphalt.
  • The infrared heater is positioned over the damaged asphalt to heat the area for 7 - 10 minutes.
  • Once the pavement is sufficiently softened, the heater is removed.  A steel rake is used to cut a square around the damage, leaving at least 6 inches of the heated surface undisturbed.  The rake is then used to scarify (break up the surface) the asphalt inside the square area, recycling the existing asphalt.
  • A rejuvinator is sprayed onto the existing asphalt to replace the light oils which have oxidized out with age.
  • New asphalt is discharged from the asphalt reclaimer and added to the repair to bring the area up to grade.
  • Proper compaction is applied, insuring the edges of the restoration are heat-seamed to the heated existing pavement.

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